YUK-Dogs Mess

Dog’s mess in public places is not only unpleasant but dangerous, anti-social and illegal.

Reasons to clear up your dog’s mess….

It stinks. 

It’s messy. 

It’s dangerous. 

It damages the environment. 

It can cause stomach upsets and headaches. 

And worse it can lead to permanent blindness. 

Making a mess of the Environment

Your dog’s mess is changing the environment, fertilising the soil, leading to damaging changes in the ecology of the area. Sand dune environments have low nutrient levels so more nutrients are bad for the plants and encourage nettles and brambles to take over. You only need to look along the paths to see the changes.

Danger to others

Dog faeces left in public places pose a great danger to other users of the area. Children especially are at risk from Toxicaris, a disease caused by the eggs of round worms which can lead to blindness. Faeces also harbour other diseases and bacteria which can be spread on shoes and wheels.

Pick up what your dog leaves behind!

Failure to do so can result in a fine of £1000

Bag it and bin it. Poop Scoops are available from pet shops, vets and your local District Council

Keep CORNWALL clean and green

For more information contact your local District Council or Cornwall County Council on 01872 222000